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The red planet is Mars! It has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, and its distance is 230 million kilometers. The revolution period is 1.88 years. The rotation period is 24 hours and 18 minutes.

Mars was discovered by Christian Huygen in 1659. It was named after the Ares, the roman god of war, because it is red. Which is a color associated with violence, battle or blood. The symbol of Mars is a circle with an arrow pointing up to the right, just like the male gender.
Mars Symbol Clip Art
Mars Symbol Clip Art

The mass of Mars is 6.4191 x 10 to the 23 power. The diameter is 6,792 kilometers. The average temperature of Mars is -63 celecius! 3.940 gr/cn to the 3rd power is the average density. The escape velocity is 5.027 kilometers per second. There are six layers of Mars' planet and its surface. The atmosphere composition is 95% carbon dioxide and 3% nitrogen.

The satellites on Mars are spirit and opportunity. They went into affect in 2004, they landed succesfully and explored the planet. They used large amounts of water, which was a new finding.

If you weighed 111 pounds on Earth, on Mars you would weigh 42.2 pounds. Say your birthday is on January 21, 1995, in other words on Mars your birthday is really February 6, 2010. Some other interesting facts are all the planets except Earth in our solar system are named after Roman Gods. On Mars there is a face on the surface that the explorers founded! face-on-mars.jpg Per_2_Mars_1.JPG