Uranus is a very old planet that rotates on it's side. It is beleived that it was hit when in orbit with a huge object that sent it in a totaly different direction. It is a very rocky planet and is pretty much a twin to Neptune. (Astronomy for Kids0.

Uranus was named after Ouranos, a Greek god. It has 11 rings and is 31,690 miles in diameter, which is 4 times the diameter of Earth. It is also the 3rd largest planet. Green is Uranus’s symbol.
Uranus’s Mass is 8.68´10 to the 25th power kg, which is 14 times the mass of earth. The average density is 1.27 g/cm3. The escape velocity is (km/s) 21.3. The space probe Voyager was the first to explored Uranus.

The planet Uranus has twenty-seven moons, and most of them are
icy. Uranus is theseventh planet from the sun. It has an atmosphere and it is mostly made of hydrogen, helium, and frozen methane which gives it the blue color.Uranus is 1,782,700 million miles from the sun. The revolution time is 30674.6 Earth days/ 84.04 years on Earth. Uranus's rotation is 17 hours but with its very strong winds toward the north of its axis it can be 14 hours.

(Views of the Solar System).

Uranus is kind of different from other planets it spins on it's side which means it's poles face the sun.
Scientists believe that under Uranus's clouds is a watery ocean. It's mass is 14.6 times more than Earth's. Uranus's volume is 67 times greater than Earth's. The escape velocity is 76,605 kilometers which is 47,600 miles per hour. The average tempeature on Uranus is -184○C aka. -300○F. The diameter for this planet is 51,117 kilometers which means 31,763 miles. The distance from the sun to Uranus is 1,783,939,400 miles. In 1977 the first nine rings were discovered.(Views of the Solar System).

William Herschel was first to discover Uranus. Uranus was named after the Roman God of the Sky in 1851. According to myths Uranus is supposed to be the dad of Saturn and the Grandfather of Jupiter, and was also the sister planet to Neptune. (A
bout.com: space/astronomy).


Mythology Back Round

In the mythology of astronomy it is believed` Uranus was the lord of the skies, and a husband to the planet Earth, which we live on. He also was supposed to be the king of the gods but Saturn, his son, overthrew him. He is also the grandfather of Jupiter. (Astronomy for Kids). Citations: