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Have you ever wondered about the planets in our solar system? Why is everything revolving around the sun? How many planets are actually in our solar system? Why is there an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter? Why is Pluto no longer considered a planet? Well hopefully you are learning a few of those answers in class. But in case you missed them feel free to take a look at a copy of the notes just in case. Chapter15 notes[1].doc

The planets in the solar system, are all unique, no two are alike. Some do have similar characteristics or properties though. When it comes to these planets there are many more questions to be answered. And who knows if there will be any more discovered in our lifetime. How many dwarf planets have been classified? Which planet has a longer day than its year? Which planet could float in water (because its density is less than water)? Which other planet is tilted on its axis (which gives it seasons)? Which planet’s mass is twice of the mass of all the other planets combined? Which planet is the only planet to revolve (spin) on its side? Which planet has a month of the year named after it? If you are willing to go further and find some of these answers look at The Task, The Process, and The Conclusion.

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