Have you ever wondered what it would be like on another plant? How about mars? Mars is the fourth plantet from the sun,1142 million miles from the sun. It lises between Earth and Jupiter. Mars has two moons: Deimos and Phobos. They are the smallest moon in the solar system. Mars is also known as the Red Planet because it has iron oxide in the rocks. Iron oxide caused rust. Mars means God of war and argriclture in Roman beliefs. Mars is also the fourth planet from the sun which would be 1141.633.260 miles from the sun).


Mars has a mass of 6.4219x10^23 km or 12.98x10^22 lbs. Its diameter is 6794 km or 4222 mi. Mars temperature averages between negative 128 degrees celisous to twenty-seven degrees celisous.Mars atmosphere is thinner than Earths, but it is mainly composed of carbon dioxide (95.3%), Nitrogen (2.7%), and argon (1.6%). Mars also ahs a length in years 687 days it takes to equal one year. The length of the days would e 24 hours 37 minutes to equal one day.

Mars location


When the United States sent the Mars Rovers (robots) to Mars. The Mars Rover tested the soil on Mars. The resolts were sent back to Earth. the scientist NASA decovered that there was water on Mars, just trapped under the the soil. The water wasn't pier water, it was mixed with carbon dioxide. At NASA they figured out that it my have been posible life was either already on mars or my contain life in the future. The scientist noticed that mars has canyons, from pictures taken by one of the space probes. Canyons can only be created by flowing water.
In the future scientist plan on send poeple to Mars and start a colonie on Mars




Phobos is one of two moon of Mars. It has a mass of 1.08e16 kg, Phobos radius is also 11 km, the distance from the Mars is .0009 km. Phobos was discovered by Asaph Hall in 1877. It takes .319 days to orbit Mars. Phobos gets closer to Mars every year.Phobos also as a crater that is six miles wide (10 kilometers wide) nearly the width of the moon itself!!!!


Deimos is the second moon of Mars. It was discovered by Asaph Hall in 1877. It has a mass of 1.8e+15. It has a density of 1.7km. 1.263 days to orbit Mars.Deimos circles the red planet 30 hours a day. Deimos has a smoother surface from Phobos because of the majority of it's craters are covered in dusty, regolith, and has a powdery soil created from eariler impacts.


Olymus mons is the largest Volcanoe in the solar system!!! It is bigger than Arizona and taller than Mt.Everest. It is called a Shield Volcanoe. Olymus Mons is also as wide as the Hawiian Islands.The size of Olympus Mons suggests something special about the surface of Mars and how Mars cooled over time.Olymus Mon is 41 by 52 miles (66 by 83 km) across. This huge volcanoe stands at the height of 27 kilometers from the surface. Olymus Mons is also in a deep depression,a deep depression is a great impact from an asteroid that hit mars to make Olymus Mons biggger.

Mars Symbol

This is Mars's symbol. Mars was the Roman god of war and agriculture. It may not seem like these two things go together, but they do. Mars was known to protect the ones who fought for their homes and Mars also protected those who grew crops. That is what the romans thought mars was a god that protected them for those things.

INTERSTING FACTS Did you know that what I weigh on Earth is not the same on Mars? Well it is true my weieght on Earth is 123 and on Mars i would weigh 46 pounds!!!! But that is not all my age is different as well my age on Earth is 15 while on Mars my age would be 5397.9 Martian days and 8 martain years. My birthday on Earth is on Novemeber 7, 1994 on mars my next birthday would be on October 11, 2011.