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Mercury is currently the smallest planet in the solar system. Like any planet,it has a core. There is no atmosphere. Usually, the temperature on Mercury is around 840 degrees Fahrenheit in the day time, and around -275 degrees Fahrenheit in the night time. Scientist say that no life would be able to live on the planet, due to it's lack of oxygen and extreme temperatures. It is the 1st planet from the sun,and it's rotation period is once every 59 Earth days, and it's revolution period is 88 Earth days.
It's name came from Mercury, the Roman messenger of the Gods. It is not known who exactly discovered the planet, because it was known since ancient times. Only one probe has tried to explore Mercury, The Mariner 10, in 1974 and 1975. It has not been completely explored. only about 45% of the surface has actually been explored by Mariner 10. Mercury has no moons. Mercury is 0.38 astronomical units away from the sun.
Mercury is the 2nd densest object in the solar system, the first being Earth. Like many inner planets, Mercury has a core. It's core is made of iron which creates a weak magnetic field.
The weight of a person on our home planet, Earth, that is 110 pounds would be about 41.5 pounds. The weight of a person that is 170 pounds on Earth would be about 64.2 pounds.


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