The planet Neptune was first discovered by Johann Galle and Heinrich D’ Arrest in 1864. Then in August 1989 a spacecraft called Voyager 2, went and discovered more things about the planet Neptune that were not visible from Earth. The spacecraft discovered that Neptune had six rings; also that Neptune has six major moons and seven small moons, so Neptune has thirteen moons all together. Voyager 2 was the only spacecraft that has ever been to the planet Neptune.

In the Roman mythology, the name Neptune meant the god of water. Neptune has a rocky core, liquid hydrogen on the outer layer and the rest of the planet is water. The weather on Neptune is stormy. Neptune’s winds are the fastest in the solar system. The temperature on Neptune can range anywhere from -280 to -370 degrees Fahrenheit. The atmosphere contains of 80% hydrogen, 19% helium, and 3% methane. The methane is what gives Neptune its blue color.

Neptune is the eighth planet from the sun, which makes it 2,793 million miles from the sun. It takes 16 hours and 17 minutes to make one rotation. It also takes 165 Earth years to make one orbit around the sun. Neptune’s diameter is 49527 kilometers. The mass of Neptune is seventeen times more than Earth's mass. The escape velocity is 53,038 mph.

Imagine if you weigh about 110 pounds on Earth then you would weigh 123.7 pounds on Neptune, and a person weighing 170 would weigh 191.2 pounds. If the sun was 615m in a scale then Neptune would be 20m.