Since this inquiry project was written for my eighth grade science class, I asked three of my colleagues or peers to review the lesson for me. One is the current eighth grade writing teacher, and two are current media specialists. I thank them for their words of encouragement and helpful advice.

Canden Dunn
Eighth grade writing teacher

Wow! I think that this is great! I think the kids would totally get into this. I really like that this is something your advanced kids could just go ahead and complete while you could work with the others. I think your directions are very clear and I like that you give step by step instructions for how to complete the wiki pages. Also, I like that you provide examples of what things could look like. For example, the voice threads. I liked that you provided an actual example I could see. This looks awesome!!”

Laura Souder
Garrett Middle School Media Specialist

“The website is great. I was able to access it here at school. I tried at home last night and had some trouble downloading the website. I was working on something else on my computer and that could have been why it didn't download for me.
The information was clear and easy to understand. I am unfamiliar with this format and was wondering if pictures could be added to make the pages and concepts more distinct.

I can see where this website would work better with an Apple operating system. Many of the links for garage band, comic life, etc. were dead ends unless I wanted to purchase a version of the program for PCs.

Overall, I can see that this format for doing an assignment would really appeal to students. They always do assignments more willingly when it involves a computer. I know that putting this wikispace together was very time consuming, but the end result is very impressive and will be a great source to use each year. Thanks for sharing it with me.”

Ben Moore
Churubusco High/Middle School Media Specialist
(Recent Graduate of IUPUI, SLIS Program)

“Wow! It's interesting to see how the final projects for this class are
evolving. You have many of the same elements that I had to include in my
final project when I took the class a few years ago, but the technology
platform for your project takes it to another level. The kids will be
engaged with creating the wiki space and the other tech projects-Dave
can tell you that his kids love working on their wiki project. One of
the things they like is that the wiki allows them to partner with
friends from other class periods. My media center is always packed w/
his students before and after school while his project is in the
works-they love working on it.

I thought your pathfinder was amazing! You have links to tons of
resources, and you have me thinking of how I might be able to do
something similar for some of my teachers' projects. I also am very
intrigued by the voice thread and am going to think about how we might
be able to incorporate that into stuff we're doing at 'Busco.

I like that the wiki has everything laid out from the get-go. They know
exactly what they will be doing, because your task and process pages
spell everything out for them. The check list and rubric are detailed,
which is very good. I also like that the kids can see from the beginning
the kinds of reflection questions they will need to answer (both about
themselves and their partners). Knowing how they will be assessed can be
a huge motivator for many kids to stay on task and to push themselves.

A couple things to fix, though, are that you mention the periodic table
and elements in a few places (looks like you changed topics after you
started). On the "Teachers & Librarians" page, you mention the periodic
table in the "purpose" section; on the "Process" page, in the "Step 1"
section, you mention picking an element (instead of a planet); your
rubric is labeled "periodic table" (on the rubric itself and on the link
to the rubric).

Also, when I tried the link to your voice thread example (rock climbing
101), I got a 404 message (page not found).”