Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, it has 18 moons. The tempature is -178 degrees celcius. Its 10 times larger than Earth is the diamater in 120,660. Its the 2nd lagrest planet in the solar sytem. It got is name from the Roman God of Agriculture. The rings are visible to earth with a small telescope. Saturn is a gas planet that has 75%hydrogen and 52%helium and it dose not have no surface at all. The word Saturday came from the word Saturn. Saturn is just a giant ball of gas that is just floating in space. Saturn has 5 major rings A,B,C,G,F, A,B,C are visiable to us here on earth but F,G are not able to be seen with the naked eye or even a telescpoe. ​

Galileo Galilei is the man that helped bring secrets of the science world. He was the first person to ever make a high powered telescope. He also proved that Venus goes through phases like the earths moons.

Saturn's original color is a red and orangish color,and it is the 2nd largest from the planets. Saturn has at least 31 moons. These Moons include Titan, Mimas, Enceladus,Rhea,Phoebe &Hyperion. Unlike here on earth,if you lived on Saturn,your day would only be 10 hours,40 minutes &24 seconds. So you would be asleep before 5:00 on earth.

Saturn is 900 million miles out from the sun. Saturn’s total mass is equal to 95 times that of earth. The diameter of saturn is 71,000 miles at its equator. Saturn completes its day in 10 1/2 hours. Saturn travels in it’s orbit around the sun at about 1/3 the speed of planet Earth.

in addition to the rings,saturns rings have 25 sattelites. The Satteilite's largest,Titan,is bigger than Mercury and pluto together! In addition to titan being the largest, it's the only known sattelite that has an atmosphere of nitrogen. Hyperion (another sattelite) is said to be shaped almost like a cylinder rather than a sphere,it's axis does not point toward the planet.

←what you see here are not the true colors of Saturn . This picture (painting) is not the true colors. People seem to think that Saturn would have different colors, than the colors that we seem to think are there. Scientists have proven that the true colors of Saturn are a Orangish Gold color.

Above are some of the moons of Saturn. Rhea,one of the moons listed,has many craters. Iapetus, a moon of Saturn, Seems 10 times darker than any of the other moons,scientists are not exactly sure why. Mimas,another moon,has an impact crater of 1/4 of the diameter of the moon. Enceladus,seems to be geologically active because of the heat that Saturn gives off.

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