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Essential Data:
My name is Mars, i have 2 moons and my atmosphere contains of 95% carbon dioxide and 3% nitrogen. I'm 142 million miles away from the sun and my rotation period is 687 days.

Let me give you a little history about myself, i was discovered in 1659 by Christian Huygen. i was named after Ares, the roman god of war. I'm about half the size of earth. my radius across the equator is 3400 kl.

Physical Properties:
Some of my physical properties are, My mass is 14.147²⁴, my diameter is 4220.6 miles long. the high tempature on my planet is 23°F. the high tempature on my planet is -125°F. The average density is 3934 g/cm3. i contain 6 layers.

Planet Exploration:
Some of my planets explorations, the satellites spirit and opportunity. They were in affect in 2004. These both landed successfully and started exploring the planet. some of the new findings when people found were that i used to contain large amounts of water, in certain areas that is.

Interesting Facts:
Now let me tell you some interesting facts about myself, or Mars. okay your birthday on Earth is August 19, 1995. Your next birthday on earth would be an exact year from that right? well if you think it's like that in all planets your wrong. your next birthday August 19, 1995 would to Saturday September 4, 2010. Now let's say your birthday was May 16, 1996, on earth. Calculated to martian days it would be on Thursday June 2, 2011. now lets talk about the differences between y0our weight from earth to Mars. if you weighed 110 pounds on earth the you would weigh 41.4 pounds on Mars. let's say you weigh 170 on my planet you would weigh 64 pounds on mars.

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