external image moz-screenshot.jpgHISTORY
Johann Galle discovered Neptune on September 24 1846. The planet was named after a water God Neptune, was originally only the god of water, but was later extended to the ocean when he became associated with the Greek god Poseidon. The planets symbol is water.

Planet Exploration
Mission Country Launch Date Arrival Date Type Encounter Characteristics
Voyager2 U.S.A. Aug.20, 1977 Aug.4, 1989 Flyby 9000 images of Neptune,rings, and Its Satellites

Basic Facts
1 Orbit of Sun=60,190 Days
1 Rotation=16hour
Mass=17 more times bigger than the Earth
Volume=57 more times bigger than the Earth
Escape Velocity=84,651 km
Distance from the Sun=4,496 million kilometers
Avarge Temp.= -370 F

Essential Data
Planet name-Neptune
Has13 moons
2,798,785,600 miles away from the Sun

Fun Facts
if you weigh 70 on earth you'd weigh 84 on Neptune Its 57 millimeters bigger than the Earth

Websites we used were
astronomy pathfinder/home.com
Nine Planets.org


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