1. can float
  2. is large
  3. largest moon is titan
  4. has rings
  5. past the asteroid belt

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Saturn is one of the four gas giants in our solar system. It is the sixth planet from the sun. Saturn’s average distance from the sun is about 1,350 million kilometers or about 9.5 astronomical units. Its orbit is about 10,759.2 days. Saturn is the farthest plant from Earth that you don’t need a telescope to see. Saturn’s rotation period is about ten hours and thirteen minutes. Saturn has about sixty-one moons. The largest moon, Titan, is even bigger than Mercury. Some scientist thinks that Titan might be the only place, other than Earth, that has liquid water.

external image symbol_saturn.pngGalileo Galilee was the first person to discover Saturn, which he found in 1610. Saturn was named after the Greek God, Cronus. Cronus is the god of agriculture. He was the son of Uranus and the father of Zeus. Cronus in roman mythology is Saturn. The planet Saturn’s symbol is the cross of matter (reality) over the soul.

Saturn’s mass is 5.7x10 to the power of 26. The diameter is 119,300km. The density is .69g/cm cubed. The escape velocity is 35.49km/s. Saturn’s average temperature is -125degrees C. Saturn has a thick atmosphere mostly made of hydrogen, helium. It also contains ammonia, methane, and water vapor. Under this atmosphere is a layer of liquid hydrogen and helium. Below those Saturn might have a small rocky core. Saturn is known for its rings. Saturn has several large rings. Each larger ring is compo
sed of thousands of tiny ringlets. Because of Saturn's low density, it could float on water, if you had a large enough pool.

Poineer-Saturn went to Saturn in 1974 it discovered Saturn's rings and that Saturn had a magnetic feild. The voyager 1 and 2 went to Saturn in 1977. They discovered Saturn's seventh ring and that the rings were composed tiny ringlets. All the probes that went to Saturn took pictures of Saturn for scientists to study.

You weigh 110lbs and your partner weighs 170lbs on Earth. If you guys would go to Saturn you would weigh 100lbs and your partner would weigh 154lbs. On Saturn your birthday would be every twenty-nine years, that's a long time! In a model of the solar system where the sun is 615 millimeters, Saturn would be about 52.7306 millimeters in diameter.




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