Feedback and Evaluation:

Evaluating projects like this is very important for teachers and media specialists to generate new ideas and ways to improve the project. After the project’s completion a meeting should be set up as quickly as possible to ensure nothing is forgotten. Many different aspects should be discussed from the timeline of the project to the overall project itself.

One of the first tasks for the teacher and media specialist is to review the students self and group evaluation forms. In the self evaluation form questions concerning the project are asked such as what source they found useful, what was great about that source, were the media specialist and teacher helpful, and what aspect of the instruction helped them the most. These small questions end up being the key to developing a project that will benefit all the students and making sure that the mini lessons are truly helpful. It also allows the collaboration to continue between the two ensuring a successful library program. And finally it gives much needed data to support an evidence-based program.

The second is to determine any changes that need to be made. First have both individuals and assess the project individually. Come up with any examples, instances, or products they feel show points where help is needed. Then the two need to come together and repeat. Some example questions that could be used are

  • What problems came up?
  • Were there any links no longer working?
  • Were there any areas that the students struggled (excelled) with?
  • Are there any new resources that can improve or change the project or lesson?

The last aspect that would need to be discussed between the teacher and librarians is how did it all go? Both teachers need to express how they felt the overall collaboration went. There could be questions asked to both, and questions that could be ask to one or the other. For example:

· Are there areas that need to improve between the lines of communication?
· Are there areas that one or the other would like to do more or less with?
· Did the media specialist need more information from the teacher on the topics they taught?
· Is there a topic the teacher would like the media specialist to review or go over with the students?
Is this a project they would like to work on again? Or perhaps design more to work with one another?