Teachers and Librarians:

This wiki was designed to meet the needs of my eighth grade science students studying Astronomy and more specifically, The Solar System. I wanted a way to integrate all the information the students are learning in class as well as integrate technology into the classroom. It also allows for collaboration among students, which also allow for differentiated instruction. For me in designing wiki pages was just the device to accomplish this. Also with this assignment, it will be encompassed into their writing class. They will go through peer editing when projects are being finished before they are submitted for grading. Through cooperation with other teachers students can benefit with cross curricular projects.

About This Webquest


To provide my students with something other than book work when it comes to the Solar System. There are not many labs or group work that can be done with this topic.

Is to give my students a project to do on the Solar System that incorporates technology. Students today need to be able to utilize the best of the internet and current software to be successful learners.


This webquest was designed for my eighth grade science classroom at Garrett Middle School in Garrett, Indiana.


For science students learning about the Solar System.


This webquest was created to be used by an eighth grade classroom learning about the solar system. It is to be used in conjunction with the student’s science book. The classes will begin their unit by looking at different models of the solar system, discover how gravity holds planets in orbit around the sun, discuss the inner and outer planets, and finishing with other objects within the system (chapter 15 in their textbooks). About half way through the chapter the students will be given a project to help create a Wikipedia based upon the planets of the solar system. The solar system includes many different objects, and the pathfinder called the Astronomy Pathfinder was created to keep the students organized in their discovery of the planets and make the information easily accessible as well.
For reminders of what the task involves please go to
The Task page.


In developing this for your classroom you may want to think about differentiation of instruction for those students labeled "high ability" by adding something else to their assignment. For those students, have them become the editors of the pages. Where they become responsible for the materials on the pages within the Wiki pages the groups develop. Another idea is to have these students demonstrate how to use these programs to their classmates. They can then get a separate grade for completing these extensions.


These can be made on a student to student basis. Individual accommodations need to follow the students IEP and the schools educational plan. Such accommodations could included: extended period of time, the ability to re-submit a substandard project, presentations done in front of teacher and resource teacher only, and modifying the project.