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Jupiter is the 5th planet from the sun. It orbit’s the sun in 11.9 earth years. The distance is 483.3 million miles around the sun. Jupiter is made up of 90% hydrogen, 10% helium, also some traces of methane, water, and ammonia. Jupiter has 63 moons. Some of the largest moons are: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto. Some of the smaller moons are Metis, Adrastea, Amalthea, Thebe, Leba, Himalia, Lysithea, Elara, Ananke, Carme, Pasiphe, and Sinope. Rotation period for Jupiter is 9 hours and 55 minutes. The order from the sun is: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
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Io Europa Ganymede Callisto

In 1997 two voyager spacecrafts were sent toward Jupiter. Jupiter’s mass is 189(8x10 to the 24th power) kilograms. It’s diameter is 142,800 kilometers or 88.738 miles. It’s average temperature is about 150 degrees Celsius. Jupiter’s density is 1326 kilograms/m to the 3rd power. Its symbol looks like. The discoverer is unknown. Jupiter is named after a roman god. It is known as “Zeus” in Greece.


The interior is hydrogen and helium. The atmosphere has complicated molecules. The escape velocity is 59.5 Km/s. Jupiter is the most massive planet. It is 318 times the mass of Earth. Jupiter is a gaseous giant. It has a rocky core. Also Jupiter has a giant red spot, known as The “Great Red Spot.” This spot is a huge storm in Jupiter. Jupiter is associated with Thursday. The French word for Thursday is Jeudi. In Spanish it is Jueves.


Satellites that have explored Jupiter are: Mets, Adrastea, Amalthea, Thebe, Io, Europa, Gandymede, Callisto, Leda, Himlia, Lysithea, Elera, Ananke, Carme, Pasiphae, Sinope. The years of mission from Jupiter were 1964-1969.

If you weigh 110 pounds on Earth, You would weigh 260 pounds on Jupiter. If you weigh 170 pounds on Earth. You would weigh 401 pounds on Jupiter. If your birthday was January 11, 1996 you r next birthday wouldn’t be until Wednesday October 2, 1019 on Jupiter. If your birthday was December 3, 1995 your next birthday wouldn’t be until Saturday August 24, 2019.


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