The Conclusion: (Student Feedback and Evaluation)

Way to go…… If you are reading this you are almost done. Now to conclude this inquiry project it is time to relax a bit and take some time to reflect on the process. You will be asked to evaluate yourself, your group members, and the project.

For students, in class you will be asked to complete the self evaluation form that was adapted from
Leslie Preddy’s self evaluation tool. If you cannot find your handout given to you in class use the printable version attached below. Students will be asked questions such as:

· What did I learn about my topic that I did not know before?
· What source did I find useful? What was great about it?
· What could I do better next time?

Self Evaluation.doc

You will also be asked to fill out the Group Evaluation form prior to your presentation. This can be done at home or at school during study hall or home room. The choice is up to you. Some example questions are:

· How did the group work together?
· Did you have any problems that came up? How did you solve them?
· If you had another group project would you work with these partners again? Why or why not?
· Do you feel everyone contributed equally? Why or why not?

Group Evaluation.doc

If you have any suggestions to improve this project, please let your teacher know. I am always willing to listen to new and creative ideas to incorporate technology into the classroom. If you would feel more comfortable emailing me please feel free at, but please only ideas and questions on your project.