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Ok lets get started! As you can probably guess the planet this page is about Saturn. It has 34 moons. Titan is Saturn’s largest moon. Saturn has a thick atmosphere of mainly hydrogen and helium. Beneath this is possibly a liquid mantle and a small rocky core. Saturn is 1,429 million kilometers from the sun. It takes 10 hours and 13 minutes to rotate. 10,759.2 earth days are needed to revolve around the sun. (thinkquest)

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Saturn was discovered by Galileo Galilei. Saturn was named after the God of agriculture. He was called Cronus by the Greeks. Saturn was the son of Uranus and the father of Jupiter. (kids astronomy)
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These are some of the physical characteristics of Saturn. The mass of Saturn is 5.68 to the 26th power kilometers. The diameter of the planet is 120,536 kilometers. The average temperature of Saturn is 134 degrees Kelvin. The average density of Saturn is 0.69g/cm cubed. The escape velocity of Saturn is 35.49 kilometers per second. The atmosphere composition of Saturn is made up of 75 percent hydrogen and 25 percent helium. Also in the atmosphere there have been traces of methane, ammonia, rock, and water vapor. Some of the unique features of the planet Saturn are it’s amazing ring system. The rings are made up of particles of rock, water, and traces of ice. The diameter of the rings are 250,000 kilometers. The planet spins so fast that it even bulges at the center. (Think-quest)

Saturn has had probes that explored the planet. One of its probes is the Pioneer 2. The probe reached Saturn in the year 1973. While at the planet it found new rings and moons of the planet. As you know the planet Saturn has thick rings, but he probe found even more. Another probe that explored the planet was Voyager 1. There was also the Voyager 2 that made it to Saturn. So there were 2 Voyager probes that explored the planet. The first Voyager probe arrived at the planet at the year 1980. The second Voyager arrived in the year 1981. The 2 probes found spokes in the planets rings. Another probe that explored the planet was the Cassini-Huygens. The probe arrived in 2004. This probe found even more rings in Saturn’s ring system. It also found the trure nature of Titan’s (Saturn’s largest moon) atmosphere. (think quest)

A person weighting 110 pounds on Saturn weighs 117 pounds on earth. A person weighting 170 pounds on earth weighs 180 pounds on Saturn. Andrew’s next birthday which is normally on October 26 would be Thursday October 10, 2025. Jarid’s next birthday which is on June 21 would be Wednesday December 4, 2024. Drew’s next birthday which is on November 5 would be Sunday April 20, 2025. (explorayorium) If the sun was 615 millimeters in diameter Saturn would be 51.4millimeters in diameter. One of saturn's moons, mimas, has a huge crater on it's upper hemisphere making it look like the Death Star. (nine-planets)



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