The Process:

Step 1:
  • Choose who your partner(s) are. No more than 3 students per group.
  • You must use your login I.D. given to you in class or "GKBGuest" and the password is "Garrett". This will allow you to create a "New Page" on the wiki.
  • Decide which planet you want to learn more about. Do this quickly!! The first three groups (per class) to pick a planet and create a new page get that planet.

Step 2:
  • Research your planet using the Astronomy Pathfinder.
  • I suggest using the websites page or the database page on the Astronomy Pathfinder. (You may use any other site that is credible that you find valuable information)
  • Find further information in our library with these books.
  • If you get lost in the terminology use the class notes on The Home page, use keywords found on the Astronomy Pathfinder, or the online glossary at Star Child.
  • You may want to complete one area listed on The Task page at a time. Add that information to your page, save it, then go onto the next Area.

Step 3:
  • Go to our GKB Astronomy wiki and select New Page.
  • Give your page a title including the planet name. Then click the Create button.
  • Click Edit This Page.
  • Type in your information you found researching the websites, databases, and books.
  • Be sure to organize this so it is easily read.
  • Click Save.
  • Check the checklists and rubric to be sure you have all the required information.

Step 4:

  • With your partners determine which summary item you are going to choose (comic strip, media album, or song).
  • To help you organize your ideas for your summary item design a concept map at A copy of this will be turned in as part of your project.
  • If you need help with creating this concept map, see the demonstration from
  • Put a copy of your concept map on your wiki page.
  • Make sure you use your concept map when creating your summary item.
Remember your summary item has to persuade people to visit your planet.

Step 5:
  • Be sure to cite all your information you found by including an MLA citation for each source used. Click on this link plagiarism, to see how Wikipedia defines plagiarism. It is a crime to take another persons ideas and/or words as your own. Link everything you can to another website, student site, database, or dictionary.

Step 6:
Presentations in class. Here is where you get to share your results of your wiki page and summary item to your classmates. Be sure to include any fun or unique properties of your planet that you learned.