The Task:

Your task is to choose one of the planets in our Solar System located in the Milky Way and use the Garrett Middle School Astronomy pathfinder at to search many different resources to find information on your planet. No planet may be chosen more than three times per class. If you find your planet appearing three times on the left hand side of this page then you will need to make another choice. So decided quickly! The early birds get the planet they want.
Once you have decided which planet to use, you must then design a Wikipedia page based upon your chosen planet from the Milky Way. A wiki is a type of website that allows users to add, remove, or edit and change content of a topic very quickly and easily. It is also a way to use collaboration in defining the topic. Each planet chosen will then be added to the GKB Astronomy Wikipedia.
For your summary item you must design a comic strip, media album, or song to persuade people to visit your planet. Remember you must get the reader to decide this is the planet they would visit in future. Be sure to list a lot of details and interesting facts.

*And remember the best 3 advertisements from each class will be put on the school website and put on the daily announcements for everyone to view. Good Luck!*

First: Your wiki page should include information from all five areas listed below (these inclusions are an absolute minimum to your page)

Area 1: Essential data
Planet name, number of moons, atmosphere present (if it has one), order from the Sun, distance from the Sun, revolution and rotation period.

Area 2: History
The discovery (include who and when), was it named after someone, meaning of the name (person it was named after), planet symbol.

Area 3: Physical properties
Mass, diameter, average temperature, average density, escape velocity, layers of the planet and its surface, atmosphere composition (list components), and any unique features.

Area 4: Planet exploration
Name the probes or satellites that have explored the planet, years of the mission, results of the mission, and any new findings from the mission.

Area 5: Interesting facts
Weight of person’s weighting 110 and 170 on the planet, when is your next birthday on the planet, and the size of the planet in a model of the solar system with the Sun being 615 millimeters.

Second: Your wiki page must include one of the following summary items to persuade classmates to visit your planet (going further).

Item 1: Make a comic strip involving some of the information from Areas 1-5 above. The funnier it is the better. Remember all of you like funny comics. Use this link for a free trial to the software Comic Life 1.3 or use the software available on the classroom mobile computer labs. See the example called
States of Matter.

Item 2: Make a Voice Thread, which is an online media album. There needs to be a minimum of 10 pictures of your planet and features, or its moons. Then record your voice describing your planet involving some of the information from Areas 1-5 above. See this example; I made involving Rock climbing called
Rock Climbing 101: The Basics.

Item 3: Write a song (any kind: pop, rock, country, and even rap) involving some of the information from Areas 1-5 above. See these examples: “
Our Solar System” or “Solar System” on the Astronomy Pathfinder Audio/Visual page. Use the Garage Band software available on the classroom mobile computer labs. Sample music. (To listen to this link, students must use Garage Band from the mobile computer labs)

Third: Presentations in class to display your findings and all your creativity from your second items.

Your creativity will be assessed as well as your research capabilities during this project. Also remember pictures, audio, and visual materials make your page stand. Include these to help tell the story of your planet. (You Tube is a great source for videos, use the keywords of Solar System, planets, or the name of your planet).