Earth means- In astronomy mythology, her Greek name was Gaea. Earth was the mother of the mountains, valleys streams and all other land formations.

How Big Is Earth? Earth is the biggest of all the terrestrial planets. A terrestrial planet is a dense planet found in the inner solar system. For more information go to

The Big Blue Marble
The only planet known for support life is earth. Earth is a complex system of air also water and land. Its blue expanse of ocean, it's thin yet dynamic veil of atmosphere, and it's brown and green jigsaw of continents all give Earth a vitality unknown.
Earth is our only planet in our solar system known to harbor life all the things we need like water,food,ect are provided under a thin layer of atmosphere that seperates us from the uninhabitable void of space.Inside earth interior is composed of four layers three soilds and one liquid.

Earth is also the only planet that can be studied almost completly without any outter space travel. But outer space travel is also useful in studying the earth as it can help in weather prediction.
Unlike some planets earths crust is divided inseveral seperate solid plates which are floating all around on top of the hot mantle below


The first time people got a glimpse of the whole earth was december 1968 apollo 8 astronauts tool pictures of the earth as they traveled to and from the moon. Earth looks like a small blue and white marble in a sea of black space.


atmosphere protects life

surface temperatures allow water to exist as solid,liquid,and gas

only planet where life is know to exist

has one large moon

Earth is the third planet from the sun. The average distance from earth is 150 million km. Unlike some planets earth has abundant liquid water and supports life. The atmosphere causes most meteors to burn up before they reach the surface and it will protect life-forms from the effects of the suns intense radiation